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The Garden Lounge is an example of a super modern, contemporary garden house for medium or large gardens. The flat roof and cube-like shape is a far cry from the design of traditional garden houses. the garden lounge requires a footprint of 16 x 9 feet. An 8-foot floor-to-ceiling glazed double door and two large windows provide an almost unlimited view on two sides with the opportunity to flood the room with light. The 12 x 8 foot terrace is wide enough to accommodate garden chairs or a bench. Insulated glazed windows and stable wall thickness and insulation suitable for allergy sufferers ensure that the garden lounge offers a pleasant stay even on cooler days. In terms of construction, the 120sqf model shines with its flexibility: 120sqf and no building permit required. Perfect for every RBNB beginner or investor who prefers many but small units. The positions of the windows and doors can be swapped as desired. It is also possible to build a mirror image of the entire house. Make ideal use of the limited space with furniture that can also be used as storage space in various ways. A combined bed-sofa can be used to store blankets and pillows. You can store a television, books or board games on a small chest of drawers. There are many different ways in which you can set up the garden house as a guest house in a practical and yet extremely comfortable way. The living cube is completely finished with modern light switches, USB charging sockets and has the traditional hook ups like an RV trailer. We deliver to your garden

Mini Guest house 120sqf modern

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